Incubators are mainly used for incubation, heating and culturing. Boekel Scientific is one of the leading manufacturers of incubators. Complete Culture Control (CCC) incubators are one of the most innovative products from Boekel. These incubators find extensive application in hospitals, clinical laboratories and school laboratories. They are mainly used for a wide range of applications such as testing, culturing, diagnostic protocols for water, wastewater, food and beverage testing, clinical, cosmetics, biotech testing etc. Boekel Complete Culture Control incubators are available in a variety of versions. Features vary with different models.

Features of Boekel Complete Culture Control Incubators

Boekel Complete Culture Control incubators are designed with an easy to clean interior and a powder coated exterior to protect from stain and scratch. It is available in four sizes with chambers ranging from 0.5 to 5 cubic feet in volume. The doors of incubators may be either solid or transparent. Transparent doors ensure clear interior view. Usually incubators are rated at 230 V or 115 V.

Vast Array of Accessories and Features

Thermometers and a single adjustable shelf are standard accessories of these incubators. The shelves are removable or adjustable, depending on chamber size. Fans are provided in each incubator to improve heating and temperature stability. For temperature control, hydraulic thermostat and separate on or off switches are provided. Digital timer is available in all units. Some of the advanced models allow digital input and read out of incubation temperature. PID controller is also utilized in these models.

Benefit from the Services of a Trustworthy Dealer

Boekel Complete Culture Control incubators are in great demand in clinical and laboratory facilities. Incubators with a wide variety of features are available from leading manufacturers. A reliable dealer offers top quality products from leading manufacturers at affordable cost.