Incubator, Analog, 0.5cu ft, One Shelf, Solid Door, 115VLab incubators are used in a wide variety of applications in research labs such as the cultivation of microorganisms, tissue culture, and genetic engineering. There are many kinds of incubators. So when you’re choosing an incubator for your lab, it’s first important to decide what type of device would best suit your requirements.

Lab Incubator Categories

Categories you can choose from include shaking incubators and incubator sterilizers. Shaking models can be bench-top or floor standing models and either above-ambient temperature or refrigerated. Sterilizer models can be used as standard incubators or to sterilize instruments. There is also the choice between analog or digital. Analog devices need a dial thermometer for temperature display. In digital, the temperature is set and displayed utilizing a digital LCD controller. Digital control can avoid temperature overshoot.

Ensure Accuracy with Boekal Scientific

Industry leader Boekal Scientific offers several efficient analog and digital lab incubator models to meet UL and CSA requirements. They are Ideal for routine applications in school laboratories, research labs, and as backup in hospitals. Functions include culturing, bacteriology, warming of samples, E. coli tests, diagnostic protocols for water, wastewater, food and beverage testing, clinical,, pharmaceutical, and biotech testing.

The analog models have a powder-coated, scratch and stain resistant exterior and easy to clean interior. Other features: solid or transparent doors, adjustable shelves, ambient to +10 to 90°C temperature range, timer and blower fan. Boekel Scientific’s new line of CCCD digital incubators are made of 22 Ga steel and have most of the features of the analog models. They allow for digital input and readout of incubation temperature. They feature an over-range safety thermostat with a red warning indicator light and a five hour timer. The units use a PID controller and separate power switch. The company also offers Shake ‘N Bake Incubators with shelves that provide a gentle up and down motion ideal for hybridization and wash procedures as well as conventional incubation.

Buying a Boekal Scientific lab incubator can ensure efficiency in the lab. Purchase from a leading lab equipment dealer can get you the product at a competitive price.