Many factors are expected to drive the market for blood gas analyzers and blood gas reagents, controls, consumables in the next few years. Global Industry Analysts, Inc. predicts that the global market for blood gas and Electrolyte analyzers will touch US$437 million by 2015.

Blood Gas Reagents, Controls, ConsumablesSleek point-of-care, handheld blood gas analyzers now offer results in a matter of seconds, serving the ever-increasing demands for critical care, emergency department services, and operation rooms. Time is critical as far as blood gas test results are concerned. Fast results ensure timely treatment to overcome life-threatening situations, making blood gas analyzers, and their reagents, controls, consumables indispensable products in emergency and critical care units.

Bayer and Radiometer are among the top blood gas analyzer brands in the market. New and recertified models of blood gas analyzers from these manufacturers are available at leading online lab equipment stores. Suppliers also offer reagents, controls and consumables for these analyzers. The affiliate products for Bayer blood gas analyzers include CI Electrode, Cal reagent, slope solution, humidifier fill solution, printer paper, conditioning kit, wash and buffer pack, metabolite linearity controls, and IL co-oximetry linearity controls.

The proper use of Bayer and Radiometer blood gas analyzers is impossible without the timely supply of these reagents and controls. Healthcare facilities should therefore partner with a reliable laboratory equipment supplier that can ensure safe and timely shipping of the necessary blood gas reagents, controls, consumables.