Blood gas analyzers are mainly used for measuring the concentration of hemoglobin, lactate and electrolytes in the blood at a faster rate. A blood gas analyzer also ensures easy determination of acid – base status and amount of oxygen, plasma and serum. It also measures pH, Na, K, chlorine etc in the blood. A brand new blood gas analyzer is costly. Refurbished or recertified products are substitutes which help to reduce the high cost associated with brand new products.

Top Quality Blood Gas Analyzer at Reduced Cost

Laboratory facilities that are looking to reduce the huge amount spent in buying a brand new product can opt for refurbished or recertified products. Such products from leading manufacturers feature top class quality just as brand new products. Bayer and Radiometer are leading manufacturers offering both new and recertified products. Quality products provide fast and accurate results and require only minimum maintenance.

In order to ensure superior quality, blood gas analyzers for refurbishment are passed through various processes. These refurbishing processes are disassembly, replacement, repair, inspection of independent components, reassembly, quality control, cleaning and finally packing. A refurbished product features:

  • Automatic calibration at selected intervals
  • Quality control tracking
  • Advanced on-board data management
  • Archive and backup capabilities
  • Intuitive user interface
  • On-board roll printer with paper take-up spool

Some models ensure automated sample entry and delivery, automatic calibrations, patient reference ranges, printing options and QC ranges.

Competing Products from Leading Dealer

Nowadays you can find a number of dealers distributing refurbished products. To get top class products, find a dependable and experienced dealer in the industry. Before purchasing refurbished and recertified blood gas analyzers consider various factors such as performance of product, cost etc. A reliable dealer will provide superior quality products at affordable rate.