LW ScientificA worldwide laboratory equipment supplier, Block Scientific has added advanced lab devices from the industry leader LW Scientific to its product line. Established in 1994, LW Scientific is an ISO 13485:2003 Certified Company that manufactures and supplies microscopes, centrifuges and other accessories. The company’s products serve varied industries such as medical, reference labs, electronics, veterinary medicine, bio-research, and epidemiology.

Dedicated to supplying good value laboratory equipment, Block Scientific is providing educational, laboratory and medical microscopes, centrifuges and differential counters from this U.S-based manufacturer.

Block Scientific now offers customers the following LW Scientific products recognized for their efficiency and reliability.

BioVID HD 1080+ CameraBioVID HD 1080+ Camera – This microscope camera that comes with increased sensitivity, low-noise, and great color rendition is ideal for a wide variety of applications such as research, demonstration, pathology, cytology, in vitro fertilization, and dental applications.

USA Portafuge, 8-Place CentrifugeUSA Portafuge, 8-Place Centrifuge – This new centrifuge model is loaded with features and improvements, auto-calibrating function for precision speeds, quieter operation, and lower chamber temperatures for cooler test-tube samples.

USA Portafuge, 8-Place CentrifugeZ4 on Pneumatic Flex Arm – Designed for medical, veterinary, and industrial professionals, this Stereo Inspection Scope combines powerful Z4 zoom capabilities with the freedom of movement of a pneumatic arm.

MiniVID Wi-Fi CameraMiniVID Wi-Fi Camera – Ideal for teaching and training, this camera can be mounted on nearly any brand or type of microscope with trinocular C-mount or inserted into the one eye-tube of a binocular head using the optional eye tube adapter.

USA E8, 8-Place CentrifugeUSA E8, 8-Place Centrifuge – This centrifuge offers accurate speeds for specific g-forces, and faster and cleaner separations without cell damage. It also features quiet vibration-free operation.

http://www.blockscientificstore.com/Differential-Counter-8-key-p/ctl-difm-08ky.htmDifferential Counter – 8 key – Designed for accurate blood cell counting in demanding lab environments, this differential counter comes with advanced features such as right and left reset knobs, non-slip bottom and strip chart of mature and immature forms.

Universal Digital Centrifuge; 4-placeUniversal Digital Centrifuge; 4-place – An ideal solution for laboratories and doctors’ offices, this digital centrifuge allows labs to achieve up to 1450g with the fixed angle rotor resulting in clean, easy-to-read lines of separation.

C5 8-Place Swing-Out RotorC5 8-Place Swing-Out Rotor – This horizontal bench top centrifuge comes with programmable/digital controls and offers variable speeds up to 5,000 rpm (4,000 g), to produce platelet-poor-plasma in minutes.

The team of highly skilled factory-trained technicians at Block Scientific ensures that all laboratory equipment the company offers meets strict quality standards. Post-sales services such as timely installation, training and maintenance also make this lab device supplier stand apart from its competitors.