BioClave benchtop autoclaves are superbly equipped to carry out the steam sterilization of research tools and consumables in a safe, convenient and affordable manner.

BioClave Benchtop Autoclaves – For Safety and Convenience

Manufactured by Benchmark Research Products, BioClave benchtop autoclaves are available in a variety of models and specifications. These include: BioClave 16 Benchtop Research Autoclave, 230V, BioClave Mini Benchtop Research Autoclave, 120V, BioClave Mini Benchtop Research Autoclave, 230V and BioClave 16 Benchtop Research Autoclave, 120V. The units are compact and can be easily accommodated on even crowded benchtops.

BioClave benchtop autoclaves are designed with extremely versatile and user-friendly features. The fully automatic operation feature ensures that just the simple press of the start button starts off all segments of the sterilization procedure including filling, sterilizing, exhausting and drying. The process is completed smoothly within a minimum duration of time. The other core features of the sophisticated BioClave benchtop autoclaves include:

  • Large stainless steel sterilization chambers to accommodate a variety of liquids, glassware, media, plasticware, instruments and other laboratory items
  • Mechanical and electrical safety door interlocking system
  • Large digital display
  • 8L or 16 L chamber volume
  • Convenient tray dimensions

The door of the device has a mechanical and electrical safety interlock to prevent the doors from being opened until the pressure has reached zero PSI. The different versions of these devices also have three preset standard cycle options for performing sterilization of liquids, wrapped instruments, unwrapped instruments and plasticware. The helpful ‘Dry Only’ option facilitates additional drying time to be added towards the end of a cycle.

Purchase from Leading Dealers

To purchase a BioClave benchtop autoclave best suited for your research facility at a reasonable price, it is necessary to approach an experienced lab equipment dealer.