Becton Dickinson is a leading global company that aims to advance the discovery and delivery of drugs and improve the diagnosis of infectious and life-threatening diseases. The blood culture systems of this company are fully automated microbiology growth and detection systems for automated microbiology growth and detection.

Blood Culture System with Perfect Non-Invasive Technology

Becton Dickinson blood culture systems are available in a series of innovative versions which include BD BACTEC 9050 Blood Culture System, BD BACTEC 9210 Blood Culture System and BD BACTEC 9240 Blood Culture System. All these models have proven their operational efficiency and ensure better recovery rate or a shorter protocol than any of the other blood culture systems available in the industry. The BD BACTEC 9000 systems are the only blood culturing system that offers efficient non-invasive technology.

Enables Easy Detection of Positives

Becton Dickinson blood culture systems are incorporated with advanced functionalities including fluorescent sensor technology that facilitates fully automated, walk-away testing using a constant monitoring instrument. This instrument stirs up and incubates blood culture bottles, resulting in quicker detection of positives. It also provides advanced algorithms for individual bottle types, for particular conditions such as pediatric specimens, low blood volume, or to detect slow growing organisms including Neisseria and Haemophilus. The other important advantages of the Becton Dickinson blood culture systems include:

  • Excellent data management with barcode scanning capabilities
  • Patient demographics can be provided through BD BACTEC barcode scanner or downloadable from LIS system
  • Bi-directional LIS interface avoids 80% key strokes for computer operator
  • Bottles are tested in every 10 minutes
  • Positive results are highlighted, enables rapid processing
  • Safety-Lok adapter allows direct sample collection with minimum needle exposure.

Dependable Distributors for Quality Products

To buy a Becton Dickinson blood culture system for your laboratory, approach a recognized lab equipment distributor who can help you select the system best suited for your research requirements.