Becton Dickinson AethonA medical technology company, Becton, Dickinson and Company (BDX) manufactures medical supplies, devices, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products. Becton Dickinson recently announced a tie-up with Aethon, Inc. aimed at enhancing medication management by pharmacies. According to a Nasdaq report, the companies will integrate their solutions to provide hospital pharmacies with a comprehensive intravenous medication preparation and delivery tracking solution.

The partnership with Becton Dickinson will help Aethon enhance its pharmacy workflow automation footprint and foray into medication preparation. According to the deal, Becton Dickinson will integrate its leading-edge BD Cato IV Workflow product with Aethon’s MedEx medication delivery tracking system. The integrated solution will create a combined platform for the preparation and delivery of care-critical custom medications.

The preparation and administration of intravenous (IV) drugs is a common procedure in clinical practice applications and drugs given via the IV (intravenous) route ensure quick delivery of medication to the patient. However, IV therapy is an intricate process requiring proper drug preparation before administration and errors occurring at any stage can have harmful clinical outcomes, endangering the health and life of the patient.

Becton Dickinson’s BD Cato Medication Workflow Solutions is an integrated software system designed to minimize the probability of dose and drug errors in real time. It streamlines hospital pharmacy medication preparation in order to drive efficiency and cost reduction. The software also streamlines pharmacy workflow through standardization of processes and automated documentation.

Aethon’s MedEx is a real-time medication tracking software system. Its capabilities include control of the medication delivery process and provision of real-time status information to pharmacies, and prevention of medications from being delayed, misplaced or lost. Used with pneumatic tubes, manual couriers or with TUG autonomous mobile robots, the system can improve the compliance, security and efficiency of medications.

In addition to MedEx, Aethon Inc. provides solutions that enable hospitals to automate and improve the delivery and retrieval process across other major functions such as supplies, meals, linen, and waste removal. The partnership with Becton Dickinson will help Aethon enhance its pharmacy workflow automation footprint and venture into medication preparation.

In October, Becton, Dickinson & Company announced a merger deal with CareFusion, a company that provides products and services that support infection prevention, medication management, operating room efficiency, respiratory care and healthcare analytics products and services. By combining their complementary product portfolios and technologies, the companies seek to provide a comprehensive range of medical products and more affordable care.