Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, the global manufacturer of laboratory products for life science research and diagnostic laboratories has acquired flow cytometer developer Xitogen Technologies together with Cytojene Corporation. Xitogen Technologies, Inc. is based in Suzhou, China and Cytojene Corporation is based in the United States.

Along with an operational base in the China market, the acquisition of Xitogen Technologies has provided Beckman Coulter with a research instrument to round out its own cytometry offering.

Xitogen has developed the XTG-1600, a small footprint cytometer that can detect objects such as viruses, bacteria, microparticles and cell organelles in the 100 nanometer range, which makes it an ideal option for basic research investigations. The base single-laser/four-channel system can be incrementally expanded to a three-laser/16-channel configuration.

Beckman Coulter is well known for its comprehensive, innovative flow cytometers that ensure timely, accurate and reliable patient test results, allowing laboratories to manage their operations more efficiently and cost-effectively. Take the Beckman Coulter EPICS XL Flow Cytometer. This instrument combines the analytical power of a research cytometer into a compact clinical analyzer ergonomically designed to expedite sample throughput with minimal intervention. Moreover, the XL is the only flow cytometer to offer state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for reliable linearity and drift-free amplification and compensation.

Dr. Chen Yongqin, founder of Xitogen, said he was “proud to see his technology become part of Beckman Coulter’s product line”. He also expressed the hope that the new marketing and distributing channels would increase the market share of their products.

This merger will undoubtedly help the companies work jointly to achieve the goal of delivering innovative and trusted scientific solutions across the globe.