Beckman Coulter's Flow CytometryBeckman Coulter Life Sciences is participating in ONE Study, a global cooperative project which applies the innovative concept of cell therapy to human clinical organ transplantation. A leading manufacturer of sophisticated instrument systems, reagents and services for research and clinical applications, Beckman Coulter is contributing its flow cytometry expertise in cell therapy and diagnostic technologies to support the study’s specific translational research into organ transplantation and immune deficiency diseases such as HIV.

ONE Study is an international collaboration of scientists from five countries: France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Beckman Coulter donated a substantial quantity of flow cytometry instruments and reagents and is also providing scientific consultation and flow cytometry technical expertise to the project.

“Collaborating with Beckman Coulter scientists has furthered our ability to conduct clinical research studies in the field of organ transplantation. In the case of the ONE Study, this will permit us to more accurately assess the effects of various different cell therapies as potential advanced, therapeutic products”, said Prof. Edward Geissler, the founder of the ONE Study and head of Experimental Surgery at the University Hospital in Regensburg, Germany.

Beckman Coulter was invited to join the project after the ONE study consortium won a European Union 7th framework-funded grant to initiate its work, which allowed the scientists to access its flow cytometry innovation. The company’s cytometry products provide reliable, reproducible results across participants’ sites which is critical to the success of such multi-institution clinical research studies.