When Dr. Arnold O. Beckman invented the acidimeter to accurately measure pH in lemon juice, it was the beginning of what is today one of the most successful clinical diagnostics and life science research companies in the world. Beckman Coulter’s history is marked by successful acquisitions, all of which added immensely to its capabilities and offerings. The acquisition of the Access product line from Sanofi Diagnostics in 1996 was a milestone in that it added immunoassay to the company’s diagnostics product line. Beckman Coulter has revolutionized immunoassay analyzer design with the state-of-the-art Access II. This robust benchtop analyzer offers labs control over quality, reliability and speed while saving valuable floor space.

The extensive diagnostic testing menu of the Access II features over 50 preprogrammed, bar-coded immunoassay methods including choices for specialties widely used in hospitals, clinics and physician office laboratories all over the world. The number of assays available for diagnostic testing is as follows:

  • Adrenal/pituary (1)
  • Allergy (1)
  • Anemia (7)
  • Bone metabolism (3)
  • Cardiac (5)
  • Diabetes (1)
  • Infectious disease (3)
  • Reproductive (12)
  • Thyroid (8)
  • Tumor markers (8)

This comprehensive menu features markers that meet patient-care needs. It includes sTfR in the anemia panel and SHBG and Testosterone in the reproductive panel. The Access II is designed to meet current as well as future needs, and new and novel assays are continuously added on to the menu.

One of the smallest bench-top analyzers in its class, the Beckman II provides accurate, consistent STAT and automatic reflex testing for up to 100 tests per hour. It features sample probe obstruction detection, magnetic particle separation, and chemiluminescent detection technology. This immunoassay analyzer’s slim-line reagent packs can be easily stored and loaded in the instrument, which helps labs save valuable time.

Purchase the Beckman Access II from a reliable lab equipment supplier. In addition to seeing to seamless integration into the lab environment, the right partner will ensure budget-friendly pricing, reagent supply, operator training, maintenance services, and dedicated customer service and support.