Beckman Coulter hematology analyzers are known for their dependable performance and technology-driven functionalities. They are widely used in small laboratories, hospitals, and physician office labs for performing different kinds of diagnostic tests.

Beckman Coulter Hematology Analyzers – Various Models

Beckman Coulter offers various models of hematology analyzers like ACT diff, AcT Diff II, AcT-10, AcT5 Diff and LH 750. All models come with several user-friendly features.

AcT diff – This analyzer model can hold up to 250 patient results and provide results within 60 seconds. It has capacity to efficiently deliver full blood count and white cell histograms. AcT diff has a patient and control storage system that ensures efficient data management.

AcT Diff II – This cost-effective and easy-to-use system comes with convenient cap-piercing capabilities. You can expect fast and reliable performance from this analyzer model. It can provide testing for 16 parameters, and even obtain small hematological sampling in both open and closed analysis modes.

AcT-10 – You can conveniently measure ten parameters including WBC, RBC, Hgb, Hct, MCV, MCH, MCHC, Plt, Lymph # and Lymph % using this analyzer. This affordable and powerful hematology analyzer comes with whole blood and pre-dilute capabilities.

AcT5 Diff. – These analyzers are great for low-volume labs to advance to 5-part differential analysis at an affordable price. They incorporate a user-friendly software interface in their compact design and deliver accurate results.

LH 750 – Superior technology, NRBC enumeration and random access capabilities are the feature of these analyzer models. They efficiently eliminate the need for manual pre-sorting of samples, and obtain quick results for researchers. The degree of testing accuracy can be enhanced with these advanced analyzer models.

Beckman Coulter hematology analyzers greatly improve the overall efficiency of your laboratory procedures, while maintaining the highest degree of testing accuracy. An established distributor can help you equip your lab the model suited to your use.