Refurbished and recertified models of centrifuges are a favored choice of many contemporary laboratory facilities. This is mainly due to the good quality and affordability of the equipment. Beckham centrifuges offer high levels of accuracy in a variety of diagnostic applications including separation or preparation of lipoproteins, plasmid DNA, proteins, RNA, subcellular organelles and viruses.

Save with Refurbished and Recertified Centrifuges

Beckham centrifuges are available in a variety of models. These include Beckman J6B, Beckman TJ-6, Beckman TJ-6R, Beckman Airfuge, Beckman Spinchron and so on. Rather than investing heavily in buying new equipment, it would much more economical to buy refurbished and recertified models of these centrifuges from established suppliers. Moreover, quality is also ensured as the devices pass through a series of revamping procedures before recertification. They therefore offer the same level of performance and quality as new products.

Beckman Centrifuges for Superior Performance

To carry out routine clinical applications easily and efficiently, the various models of Beckman centrifuges incorporate a range of advanced features. The important functionalities of the high capacity refrigerated floor model Beckman J6B centrifuge include:

  • Conventional brush motor
  • High torque drive system
  • Performance speed of 6000 rpm
  • Three figure digital speed readout
  • Dynamic electric braking system
  • Analog displays and controls
  • Maximum force of 6835g
  • Reagents, controls and consumables may be available
  • Service contracts may be available

To enhance performance, the centrifuge can accommodate a high capacity JS-4.2 rotor with six large one-liter cups and JS-5.2 rotor with four one-liter cups.

Recognized Dealer for a Reliable Product

There are several dealers offering different models of refurbished and recertified centrifuges. It is advisable to purchase the refurbished and recertified models of Beckham centrifuges from a recognized distributor who ensures top quality at competitive prices and fully warranties the equipment supplied.