Chem Well TClinical labs now play an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Advanced technology and full automated laboratory equipment go a long way in helping labs fulfill their tasks.

Many Benefits

Automation reduces errors and delivers properly checked results in reduced turnaround time. This is crucial in the clinical test process as it determines diagnosis and treatment. Workflow efficiency and productivity in labs of all sizes have been ensured with the use of automated devices.

Lab automation is one way of tackling the shortage of lab personnel. At the same time, automating even simple tasks can free up researchers and lab technicians for more skill-demanding work.

Washing and rinsing is also a mundane and tedious task. To overcome this issue, advanced automated systems are designed to even wash automatically.

Chem Well-T – Model Fully Automated Random Access Analyzer

A fully automated, random access analyzer for biochemistry and immuno-turbidimetric assays, Chem Well-T from Awareness Technology is a model automated unit. It is a PC-controlled open system ideal for a small lab environment. Designed to offer quality, speed, and economy, this unit comes with a wide array range of advanced features

  • Cuvettes are easy to load and unload and reusable after washing
  • Cuvettes automatically glide through the optical system for endpoint and kinetic reading.
  • 8 strips of 5 cuvettes each allow 40 reactions without intervention
  • Detects liquid surface
  • Measures remaining volume
  • Retracts safely if probe contacts an obstacle
  • Washes automatically
  • Step-by-step user guide with colorful graphics
  • Calculates and edits curves for a wide variety of endpoint and kinetic assays.
  • Full QC package with tracking options for calibrators and controls.
  • Automatic system checks and error messages

Offering all the benefits of a fully automated clinical lab device, the Chem Well-T sets the standard for automated, random access analyzers. It comes with a one year warranty. Purchase from an established laboratory equipment supplier for the best price and service arrangements. Installation and training is included in the package.