Autoclaves are indispensable equipment for medical facilities. Automatic benchtop autoclaves offer great convenience and functionality for small labs and other reseach facilities with limited space.

Autoclaves ensure superior sterilization of medical instruments by destroying pathogens, mold spores, bacteria, yeast and protozoa. BioClave’s digital benchtop autoclaves from Biomega Research Products are among the popular models available today. The BioClave 16 and BioClave Mini are preferred for their superior operation and user-friendly features. These compact models sit comfortably on even the most crowded benchtop.

Benchtop AutoclavesPremium Features

Benchtop autoclaves have large stainless steel sterilization chambers capable of accommodating large amount of liquids, media, instruments, plasticware, glassware and other common laboratory items. They come with mechanical and electrical interlocks to keep the door from opening while the sterilization process is going on. Every unit usually comes with trays and a convenient tray removal tool.

Ease of Operation

The fully automated features of the benchtop autoclaves make them very easy to operate. You just need to press the “start” button, and all segments of the sterilization cycle including ‘fill, sterilize, exhaust and dry’, automatically run to completion. Digital displays make operation easy and convenient. The automated operation saves time. The sterilization temperature of the equipment is also easy to set. In case you require additional drying time, there is a special “dry only” option available. The program settings can be conveniently modified for special applications.

Convenient and Affordable

Automatic benchtop autoclaves ensure a high level of protection and sanitation when it comes to laboratory instrument sterilization. They ensure efficient and speedy operation, thereby saving more time for other laboratory activities. The equipment, both new and recertified, comes in various models. The economical BioClave Mini is an ideal choice in settings where benchtop sterilization is necessary and space is a constraint.