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21 02, 2018

Beckman Access II – A Reliable Benchtop Immunoassay Analyzer

By |February 21st, 2018|Beckman Access, Immunoassay Analyzers|0 Comments

The Beckman Access II is a reliable and robust immunoassay analyzer that is ideal for use in small- to medium-sized physician office laboratories, community hospitals, and independent references labs or as a back-up to other primary immunoassay systems. It offers greater testing flexibility with the ability to run any combination of samples at any time. [...]

19 02, 2018

Siemens Healthineers awarded FDA Clearance for Point-of-Care Tests

By |February 19th, 2018|News, Siemens|0 Comments

Siemens Healthineers, a global leader in medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, and healthcare information technology, recently announced that it has received FDA clearance for its Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) and Total Carbon Dioxide (TCO2) point-of-care tests. These tests run on handheld Epoc blood analysis system helps in faster diagnosis of renal diseases and metabolic imbalances. Common [...]

15 02, 2018

CLINITEST® hCG Test on CLINITEK Analyzers — Rapid and Reliable Pregnancy Testing

By |February 15th, 2018|Urinalysis Analyzers|0 Comments

The human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone, which appears soon after conception, is an excellent and reliable marker for the early detection of pregnancy. The hCG pregnancy test is done to check for the hormone hCG in blood or urine. The test is used to see if a woman is pregnant and can be done as [...]

14 02, 2018

Study: Exposure to Air affects Integrity of Urine Reagent Strips

By |February 14th, 2018|News|0 Comments

A recent article published on discussed a study that compared three manufacturers' instruments and reagent strips after exposing the test strips to room air. The study reported that exposing the contents in strip bottles to humidity in room air could compromise strip integrity, cause reagent degradation and ultimately lead to false results and incorrect [...]

12 02, 2018

Point of Care Blood Testing Devices Market Analysis 2017-2027

By |February 12th, 2018|News|0 Comments

Rapid and safe point-of-care blood testing devices are used to perform diagnostics tests such as protein test, blood metabolites test, hormone blood test, INR or prothrombin test (PT), hemoglobin test and also to test glucose level in blood. Abbott i-STAT handheld analyzer is one such device that provides lab-quality results in minutes. According to the [...]

9 02, 2018

Enhance In-House Test Capability with the ADVIA Centaur CP Immunoassay System

By |February 9th, 2018|Immunoassay System|0 Comments

Today's hospitals and clinical laboratories require advanced automated immunoassay analyzers to run biochemical tests to detect the presence and concentration of substances in the samples. Manufactured by Siemens, the ADVIA Centaur CP is a powerful, easy to operate, and fast immunoassay system for mid-volume labs. It comes with advanced features such auto dilution, reflex, and [...]

7 02, 2018

FDA Clears Tests, Systems from Beckman Coulter, BioMérieux & Siemens Healthineers

By |February 7th, 2018|News|Comments Off on FDA Clears Tests, Systems from Beckman Coulter, BioMérieux & Siemens Healthineers

According to a report from 360 DX, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced that it has cleared tests and systems from reliable manufacturers such as Beckman Coulter, BioMérieux, and Siemens Healthineers. While the FDA cleared four tests for Beckman, BioMérieux and Siemens Healthineers each received two clearances. For Beckman Coulter, the agency [...]

5 02, 2018

Beckman Coulter Gets FDA Approval for Automated Access AMH Assay

By |February 5th, 2018|Access 2 Immunoassay Analyzer, Beckman Coulter|Comments Off on Beckman Coulter Gets FDA Approval for Automated Access AMH Assay

Beckman Coulter recently announced that it received FDA clearance for its automated Access AMH test, a paramagnetic particle chemiluminescent immunoassay for the quantitative determination of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) levels. This simple test aids healthcare providers in the assessment of a woman's ovarian reserve, and helps guide the clinical management of women struggling with infertility or [...]

1 02, 2018

Abbott Gets CE Mark for Alinity h-series Hematology System

By |February 1st, 2018|Abbott, News|Comments Off on Abbott Gets CE Mark for Alinity h-series Hematology System

Dedicated to creating innovative products that improve health and quality of life, Abbott is now expanding its diagnostic wing. The company recently received the CE mark for its Alinity h-series integrated system for hematology testing that integrates the Alinity hq analyzer with the Alinity hs slide marker and stainer module. With a throughput of 133 [...]

31 01, 2018

Roche’s New Plasma Separation Card Improves Access to HIV Testing

By |January 31st, 2018|HIV Testing, News, Roche|Comments Off on Roche’s New Plasma Separation Card Improves Access to HIV Testing

As the world's leading provider of HIV viral load testing, Roche is committed to increasing access to reliable HIV testing. The company recently launched the cobas® Plasma Separation Card, a stable and easy-to-use sample collection device for HIV plasma viral load testing. The card has received European CE Mark approval and requires only a small [...]