AU400 Chemistry AnalyzerDeveloping proper treatment protocols is important for any physician and for that they should be able to acquire accurate and speedy test results. That is why quality chemistry analyzers are an important requisite for any lab. Based on the increase in demand for quality analyzers, top dealers offer advanced chemistry analyzers such as AU400 that are recognized for excellence in performance. AU400 chemistry analyzer is a fully automated product from Diagnostic Systems Group of Olympus America Inc to use for routine, STAT, urine and homogenous immunoassays.

When choosing this advanced chemistry analyzer, lab professionals can benefit from increased productivity, reduced operating costs and fast and reliable results. That is assured with the sample multi-mixing station, combined with sample pre-dilution, probe crash detection and other technological innovations. This analyzer provides a broad test menu – homogeneous immunoassays for protein analytes such as apolipoproteins, immunoglobulin, complement components, and more. The device can process up to 800 tests per hour.  The microprocessor or software package accurately calculates the values from the signal and displays the data in a user-defined format.

These analyzers provide enhanced operational comfort and versatile functions. They can offer the highest possible level of performance considering present day laboratory demands. The spot photometry technology featured with the device is identified for high precision and provides accurate test data. This analyzer is ideal for use in single or multiple locations and is designed to meet the needs of hospitals, and core and commercial laboratories. Available in a compact package, it is ideal for small and medium size labs. A safe and efficient clinical lab equipment, AU400 chemistry analyzer is also known to allow efficient inventory management.