Alere INRatio®2A report published by CNBC last October predicted that both laboratory and point-of-care (POC) coagulation testing will continue to be an important segment of the in vitro diagnostics market in the foreseeable future. The Alere INRatio®2 Monitoring System, one of the most popular point-of-care coagulation analyzers in the market, takes coagulation testing to a new level. This handheld blood coagulation system for monitoring patients taking warfarin comprises a small monitor and disposable test strips. It combines reliable results with practical convenience and is an optimal solution for anticoagulation management by healthcare professionals and patients at home.

The benefits of this effective blood coagulation system include on board quality control and small sample size. Routine measurements of PT/INR are necessary for the safe and effective management of the patient’s warfarin dosage. The Alere INRatio®2 yields an accurate and convenient measurement of blood clotting time or PT/INR values in about 60 seconds. This allows physicians to make medication changes promptly. Moreover, the simple fingerstick procedure enhances patient satisfaction. By reducing time-consuming “call-backs”, this blood coagulation system maximizes practice efficiency.

Leading lab equipment suppliers also offer Alere INRatio Test Strips for use with the Alere INRatio®2 PT/INR Monitor System. Reliable results are ensured with on board, quantitative, recordable QC built into every test strip. These test strips perform two quality control PT tests at both normal and therapeutic decision points. One unmeasured drop of blood placed directly on the strip performs both the test and quality controls. The individually foil-wrapped test strips can be safely stored at room temperature for up to 12 months. The sealed packaging protects against potential spills, overexposure or bacterial contamination.