ADVIA Centaur CPThe ADVIA Centaur® CP is a mid-volume, high-throughput bench top immunoassay system that is ideal for mid-volume labs. This comprehensive testing system from Siemens offers a broad menu and short turnaround times (TAT), improving lab productivity and promoting better patient care. It offers the excellent sensitivity and specificity expected from direct Chemiluminescent with Acridinium Ester technology. Its broad menu allows labs to both expand and consolidate by bringing a wide range of assays to one workstation, thereby eliminating redundant systems.

With a throughput of up to 180 tests per hour, the system supports STAT samples as well as test prioritization of routine samples. This reliable high-throughput device provides uninterrupted system processing when loading samples, reagents, and consumables. For most assays, TAT is as little as 15 minutes.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the system has advanced features such auto dilution, reflex, and reruns without operator intervention. It includes 15 refrigerated reagents onboard with automatic mixing and a 10-reagent compartment for ancillaries such as diluents. Other features include

  • Disposable pipette tips (zero carry over)
  • Automated clot detection
  • No-pause loading/unloading of samples and supplies
  • 400-test walk-away capacity
  • Programmable automatic dilutions, repeats and reflex testing
  • User-defined automatic reflex and repeat testing to insure accuracy
  • Sample and reagent bubble detection for quality results
  • Constant visibility to time to result for each test

The ADVIA Centaur® CP allows labs to stay ahead of their growing test volume and meet growing needs in less time and with greater efficiency. The consolidated platform with its enhanced menu capacity improves workflow and decreases costs by eliminating the need for multiple systems.

This advanced immunoassay system can be purchased online. Choosing an established vendor of lab equipment would ensure great pricing and customer support.