ADVIA Centaur A recent report by Global Industry Analysts indicates that the global market for immunoassay systems is expected to touch US$8.85 billion by 2015. The report attributes this rise in demand to many factors: increased end-use applications of immunoassay tests, technological change and the rising volume of diagnostic tests necessary for the world’s aging population. Immunoassay tests are also very relevant in point-of-care in vitro diagnostics, cancer, tissue typing, infectious disease testing, hormones, therapeutic drug level monitoring, and in preventive healthcare.

Thanks to technological innovation, the immunoassay systems of today feature greater accuracy, sensitivity, and results in rapid turnaround times, and are user friendly as well. One system that is very popular in hospitals and clinical laboratories for its efficiency is the ADVIA Centaur. This automated random-access immunoassay system from Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics features advanced immunoassay technology with super-sensitive detection capabilities and ensures comprehensive testing for infectious diseases, thyroid, fertility and anemia, as well as assays for cancer makers, cardiac analysis, allergy testing and therapeutic drug monitoring.

The ADVIA Centaur is a full automated, next-generation random-access immunoassay system. The stand-alone user-friendly floor model includes a refrigeration unit. All system supplies can be changed to allow for high system productivity, and reagents, samples and supplies can be loaded at any time. It can perform up to 240 tests per hour. It is also easy to maintain – daily maintenance consists of an automated cleaning process.

With the global demand for immunoassay systems set to increase, products such as the ADVIA Centaur set the benchmark for research in in-vitro diagnostic devices.