Coagulation Analyzers for Diverse ApplicationsWidely used in medical, veterinary, industrial and research laboratories, coagulation analyzers are designed to simplify the process of measuring blood platelet levels. The test results help in diagnosing potentially heart attack-inducing blood clots. This device can measure a coagulation pathway speed, and thrombolin and thromboplastin levels in as little as a few minutes. Top models can meet the needs of a large number of patients and store up to 600 tests. Advanced systems feature built-in quality control and security lockout protocols to ensure safe and secure use.

Beckman Coulter, Helena, and Siemens are among the top manufacturers of advanced coagulation analyzers. Here are a few of the popular models in the market today:

  • Beckman Coulter ACL Elite: This system features comprehensive menus for routine, specialty and STAT testing and comes with minimal maintenance and true walk-away capability. This compact and easy-to-use hemostasis system is designed to help small to mid-volume hemostasis labs maximize productivity and improve patient care.
  • Helena Cascade M-4: The system is ideal for all routine clotting assays – PTs, aPTTs, thrombins, fibrinogens and factor assays. The operation is simple and economical and designed for easy, inexpensive, low-volume testing. This lightweight model comes with computerized features, on-board quality control, and easy-to-use keypad and on-screen prompts.
  • Siemens Sysmex CA-540: This compact, fully automated system features immunologic, coagulation, and chromogenic measurements in true random-access. It allows labs of all sizes to automate D-dimer testing. Used as a backup instrument to larger instruments, the system is ideal for low-volume laboratories. It features a simple touch screen interface coupled with bi-directional LIS communication for easy operation.

Reliable lab equipment dealers in New York offer all of these systems in their online stores. Purchase from a reliable dealer will ensure great pricing and excellent post-sales support.