Beckman’s Access II Immunoassay SystemImmunoassays play an important role in research and in clinical medicine, and guide diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. Modern automated systems like Beckman Coulter’s Access II immunoassay analyzer is a scalable platform designed to help labs enhance efficiency, increase productivity, improve patient health and reduce the cost of care.

This vitro diagnostic device is used for the quantitative, semi-quantitative, or qualitative determination of various analyte concentrations found in human body fluids. One of the smallest bench-top analyzers in its class, it runs up to 100 tests per hour. It can perform a wide variety of immunoassays. The extensive immunoassay diagnostic-testing menu includes sTfR in the anemia panel as well as SHBG and Testosterone in the comprehensive reproductive panel.

Specifically designed to enable accurate testing results every time, the system comes with several advanced features:

  • Touch-panel user interface that improves data & sample management
  • Windows® NT software for optimal operator effectiveness
  • Enhanced on-board quality control
  • Twenty-four resident assays with continuous random access and STAT capability
  • On-board refrigeration that enhances reagent stability
  • 24 self-sealing reagents packs of 50 tests each

Based on Chemiluminescent detection technology, the Access II offers a sample management capacity of up to 60 samples at one time in 6 trays of 10 samples each. Magnetic particle separation with chemiluminescent detection technology achieves wide analytical range and fast assay processing.

This immunoassay analyzer also incorporates an interlock switch to protect users from injury. When the front panel of the instrument is opened, the interlock switch stops the movement of the main pipettor. Other mechanical devices will continue to operate with the front panel open. If the front panel is opened while samples are being processed, the system may cancel the tests.

Access reagent packs are compact and easy to store, saving lab refrigerator space. The ease-of-use reagent carousel and sample loading minimizes preparation time. The bar-coded reagents allows automatic tracking of the number of tests administered, available tests, lot number, expiration date and calibration expiration.

Online stores of reliable laboratory equipment suppliers offer the Access II refurbished with a 90-day parts warranty and service contracts.