Olympus / Beckman Coulter AU680Designed to meet the testing needs of mid-sized labs, the Olympus / Beckman Coulter AU680 chemistry system is loaded with advanced features to help streamline laboratory workflow. This chemistry analyzer offers a fully automated HbA1c assay. It measures analytes in samples, in combination with appropriate reagents, calibrators, quality control (QC) material, and other accessories. The system is designed to meet the ever-increasing pressures on the time and productivity of medium to high throughput labs.

Its fully open design allows it to be operated as a stand-alone instrument or connected to a track system for direct track sampling. The system uses a new and highly intuitive graphical user interface, including embedded videos to support key maintenance steps. With the high-speed whole blood testing capability of this analyser, laboratory professionals can attain faster results and improved efficiencies.

The device features:

  • Minimized reagent volumes
  • Eliminates need for multiple calibrators
  • Applies to C3, C4, Transfer in and ASO
  • Barcoded racks to define different sample materials or other sample specifics
  • 150 samples on board at any time for long walk away
  • Ready to use liquid stable reagents
  • Automatic bottle switch capabilities
  • Advanced calibration
  • Liquid detection and remaining test number calculation
  • High precision mixer station to ensure excellent reaction conditions
  • Standardized mixing procedures across the whole range of analyzers
  • Different mixer positions for individual reaction steps
  • Non-disposable quartz cuvettes

The unit assures flexibility with a menu capacity of up to 63 different assays on board. To increase automation levels, samples can be loaded via a new standardized rack tray for direct transfer from the Beckman Coulter AutoMate 2500 peri-analytical workstation.

With a speed of up to 1200 tests per hour, the chemistry analyzer is also ideal for automated whole blood sampling for HbA1c, expedited sample repeat testing, reduced sample volumes, extended calibration and customized test sequencing. The system also accommodates pediatric sampling and can perform automated pre-dilution and immediate STAT processing without workload interruption.