Access 2 Immunoassay AnalyzerCommitted to helping laboratories maintain high standards in diagnostic testing, Beckman Coulter offers immunoassay systems that can move your lab forward by ensuring accuracy, speed, consistency, and exceptional productivity.

One of the smallest bench-top analyzers in its class, Beckman Coulter’s Access 2 immunoassay analyzer is specifically designed to ensure accurate results every time. This compact benchtop system offers the robustness of a reference-lab analyzer. It helps streamline workflow with flexible sample handling and provides the laboratory with greater control over quality, reliability and speed, without compromising valuable floor space.

The system features an extensive immunoassay diagnostic-testing menu that includes sTfR in the manufacturer’s anemia panel as well as SHBG and Testosterone in their comprehensive reproductive panel. This simple and easy to use system can load up to 60 samples at one time and comes with on-board refrigeration storage for up to 24 assays. It can run up to 100 tests an hour. Based on chemiluminescent detection technology, this device also features:

  • STAT and automatic reflex testing
  • Continuous menu expansion with new and novel assays
  • A simple, user-friendly interface
  • Sample probe obstruction detection
  • Magnetic particle separation

Access reagent kits are easy to store, making the most of laboratory refrigerator space. The bar-coded reagents allow automatic tracking of the number of tests, available tests, expiration date, calibration expiration, and lot number.

Mid- and high-volume laboratories can also simplify and automate operations with other immunoassay systems from Beckman such as the UniCel® Dxl 600 and UniCel® Dxl 800. While the DxI 600 can run 200 tests per hour, the high-speed DxI 800 comes with a maximum throughput of 400 tests per hour. Leading suppliers of laboratory instruments offer recertified immunoassay systems from Beckman Coulter for purchase with a 90-day parts warranty as well as for lease.