Abbott i-STAT Helping Labs Maintain Regulatory ComplianceA portable handheld blood analyzer by Abbott Laboratories that has revolutionized and simplified patient-side testing, the Abbott i-STAT is designed to provide the clinician with lab-quality test results in a matter of minutes. However, what is really impressive about this state-of-the-art device is that helps labs maintain regulatory compliance.

Integration with LIS/EMR: First, the i-STAT System features flexible connectivity and interfacing solutions which allow integration of test results with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)/Electronic Medical Records (EMR). This helps ensure that healthcare facilities obtain real-time results in the patient electronic chart.

Addresses documentation challenges: This compact handheld device helps healthcare professionals address their growing documentation challenges. STATNotes provides this handheld analyzer with a highly customizable documentation solution. The tester is prompted to enter data into the i-STAT as the testing process takes place. This ensures that all complex and important data is documented in a timely fashion. Test results are automatically uploaded to the patient chart. Users can customizing their i-STAT System to prompt data entry and enjoy benefits such as streamlined workflow, reduced errors, increased efficiency and compliance.

Ensures patient health information (PHI) confidentiality: Patient privacy is a critical aspect oh healthcare operations. The i-STAT’s Operator lockout feature prevents unauthorized users from using the device, performing tests, or viewing test results. Other features which allow labs to stay compliant with regulations are

  • Management of operator certification and device lockout
  • Reports on operator performance
  • Reports on liquid as well as equivalent quality control
  • Reports on reagent usage
  • LIS interfacing

The Abbott i-STAT comes with high-end cartridge technology. Each test cartridge features chemically sensitive biosensors on a silicon chip that are set up to perform specific tests. Testing is simple. Just 2 to 3 drops of blood are applied to a cartridge which is inserted into the i-STAT handheld system. Before running a test, each cartridge initiates a series of preset quality control diagnostics to evaluate the quality of the sample and validate the reagent.

This point-of-care blood analyzer is also user-friendly and cost-effective. It weighs only 18 ounces and requires no special sample preparation or user calibration. Ergonomically designed soft keys assure comfort and ease of use. Maintenance is minimal.