Abbott Diagnostics Hematology AnalyzersAll Abbott Diagnostics hematology analyzers offer advanced diagnostic capabilities for clinical laboratories. They feature multiple technologies that improve accuracy and increase the number of reportable results. Several top models of Abbott analyzers enable multi-dimensional cell classification with MAPSS technology. MAPSS stands for Multi-Angle Polarized Scatter Separation and it allow a high level of interrogation. With MAPSS, it is possible to perform cell by cell analysis from a single dilution and provide accurate optical readings for WBCs with 5-part WBC differential.

The Abbott Cell Dyn 3700 SL is one of the quality analyzers by Abbott Diagnostics that utilizes MAPSS technology for analysis of CBC hematological parameters – Diff, WBC, RBC, and PLT. It differentiates between neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, monocytes and lymphocytes. Immature cells and interfering substances are identified and classified. Analysis can be performed on up to 10,000 cells from a single dilution, using a single reagent. It captures up to 40,000 data points and displays MAPSS results in elegant, multiple, color-coded scatterplots.

Automated Reticulocyte analysis offered by Cell Dyn 3700 SL is based on NCCLS/ICSH methods which are broad, expert driven guidelines to address the uniqueness of cell based assay validations. Adherence to NCCLS/ICSH methods decreases the time spent for the labor-intensive reticulocyte testing.

This high-tech expensive analyzer and other Abbott Diagnostics products can be purchased at a price much lower than the original at leading online laboratory equipment stores. The recertified Abbott Cell Dyn 3700 SL is available with a 90-day parts warranty.