Abbott DiagnosticsHematology analyzers are designed to recognize cell types in a blood sample and to generate a complete blood count (CBC) for disease detection and monitoring. Abbott Diagnostics, a global healthcare company dedicated to providing a broad range of innovative instrument systems, offers fully automated hematology analyzers with advanced capabilities. Suitable for use in hospitals, reference labs, physician offices, and clinics, these devices can process a large number of samples accurately within a short span of time.

The advanced Abbott Diagnostics hematology analyzer models available at the online stores of leading lab equipment suppliers include the following:

  • Cell Dyn 1700 – Developed specifically to perform data management, hematology research, and simplification of data interpretation tasks in clinical laboratories, this analyzer fulfills the demands of the modern hematology laboratories such as ease of use, high reliability, low maintenance, closed-tube sampling, fast access to results, accuracy, and differential screening.
  • Cell Dyn 1800 – This analyzer has only 30 µL aspiration volume and does not need a desktop computer. This single bench-top analyzer with an expanded data management system can handle up to 10,000 samples. With its compact size, it can fit under standard physician office laboratory cabinets.
  • Cell Dyn 3200 – Best suited for the measurement of CBC parameters such as Diff, WBC, RBC, and PLT, this device can analyze up to 71 samples per hour and requires only minimal maintenance. It also offers features such as five-part leukocyte differentials, automated sample handling, and comprehensive data management.
  • Cell Dyn 3500 – This compact, user-friendly system is capable of producing 22 hematological parameters that include the basis for a five-part WBC differential. The instrument features an automatic start-up cycle that enhances the flow system and ensures the background counts.
  • Cell Dyn 3500 SL – This multi-tasking system is capable of producing 22 hematological parameters that include the basis for a five-part WBC differential. Capabilities include both closed and open sampling options on two different instrument versions, optical scatter and impedance for greater accuracy in particle counting, and automatic start-up and shut-down cycle a shut-down cycle.
  • Cell Dyn 3700 SL – This high-end blood analyzer performs simultaneous optical and impedance measurements on white blood cells to accurately enumerate and differentiate cells as well as provide internal validation of the WBC count. It provides a complete 23 parameter CBC with five-part WBC differential analysis on up to 90 samples per hour.

Established suppliers of laboratory equipment these models refurbished with 90 days parts warranty, allowing laboratories to enjoy the benefits of advanced technology at a lower cost. They also ensure a timely supply of hematology reagents and consumables for these analyzers.