Abbott Cell-Dyn 1800Automated hematology analyzers available now provide new additional parameters, enabling earlier and more precise diagnosis. The Cell-Dyn 1800 manufactured by Abbott Laboratories is an automated hematology analyzer that provides an 18-parameter blood count and operates at a throughput of 60 specimens per hour. The device provides fast, accurate results and differential screening in a compact, easy-to-use system. Specifically designed to meet the needs of the world’s changing laboratory environment, this single bench-top analyzer comes with an expanded data management system that can handle up to 10,000 samples.

The device has only 30 µL aspiration volume and does not need a desktop computer. As it is very small in size, it can fit under standard physician office laboratory cabinets. The system provides quick, accurate access to patient results and advanced data management capabilities. This latest 3-part differential analyzer uses optional bar code reader to eliminate transcription and data entry errors. It is capable of data output to both inkjet and dot matrix printer.

Built on years of experience, this analyzer has a variety of enhanced features, including increased patient data storage, availability of a bar code reader, and a cyanide-free reagent system. Other features include:

  • Open and pre-dilute Modes
  • 30 µl open mode (40 µl pre-dilute mode) sample requirement
  • Color LCD Monitor with three histogram displays
  • Cyanide-Free Lyse reduces biohazard and safety risks
  • Results in only 60 seconds
  • Huge specimen data storage with graphics
  • Inkjet printer for clean, clear reports

With over 12,000 CELL-DYN 3-part differential analyzers in use around the world, the CELL-DYN 1800 is proven to be the perfect size analyzer for any hematology lab.

Along with offering refurbished model of CELL-DYN 1800 analyzer with 90 day parts warranty, professional lab equipment suppliers also make available accessories specifically for this analyzer. Accessories include hematology reagents, diluents, enzymatic cleaner and detergent. For instance, Cyanide Free Lytic Reagent, 4 Liter developed by CDS for Cell-Dyn 1800 is a direct substitute for Abbott’s Cell-Dyn reagents, 4 Liter.