Abbott CELL-DYN 1800Hematology analyzers measure the numbers and types of white and red blood cells, and platelets as well as the hemoglobin and haematocrit levels in a blood sample. The CELL-DYN 1800 by Abbott Diagnostics is designed to meet the growing needs of today’s changing laboratory landscape. The user-friendly bench-top system delivers quick, accurate access results and comes with advanced data management capabilities.

This 3-part differential hematology analyzer offers an 18-parameter blood count, operates at a throughput of 60 specimens per hour, and provides results within 60 seconds. The other useful features of the instrument include increased patient data storage and a bar code reader to eliminate transcription and data entry errors. The Abbott CELL-DYN 1800 utilizes only three reagents including a cyanide-free differential lyse reagent that reduces biohazard and safety risks.

This compact system can fit under standard physician office laboratory cabinets. With only 30 µL aspiration volume, it does not need a desktop computer. It is capable of data output to both inkjet and dot matrix printer.


  • Uses impedance resistance to measure human cells
  • Can handle up to 10,000 samples
  • Accurate 3-part differential analysis
  • Open and pre-dilute modes
  • Optional bar code reader that eliminates transcription and data entry errors
  • Color LCD monitor with three histogram displays
  • Convenient access to patient results with advanced onboard data management system
  • Time saving capabilities
  • Automatic cleaning mode and minimal maintenance

The Abbott CELL-DYN 1800 is available refurbished with a 90-day parts warranty at online laboratory equipment stores. Choosing this option allows labs to benefit from a factory-tested advanced instrument at a fraction of the cost of buying new.