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28 07, 2010

Boekel Scientific Laboratory Ovens

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Reasonably priced and versatile Boekel Scientific laboratory ovens enable flawless performance of diverse analytical procedures such as drying glassware and samples, as well as research functions including dry heat sterilization, product age acceleration, evaporation, polymerizing plastics and annealing.

28 07, 2010

Awareness Microplate Readers and Washers

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Microplate Readers and Washers from Awareness Technology are reasonably priced, and ensure research results with superior accuracy. These equipments are available in a variety of models including STAT FAX 2100 Microplate Reader, STAT FAX 3200 Microplate Reader, STAT FAX 2600 Microplate Washer, STAT FAX 4200 Multichannel Microplate Reader, Chromate Microplate Reader, STAT WASH Microwell Washer and many more.

22 07, 2010

Variable-speed Micro Centrifuges

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Variable speed micro centrifuges are used to perform analytical procedures such as separation of nucleic acids, proteins and microfiltration in clinical and biotechnological laboratories. These devices are available in a variety of models with different features, dimensions and capabilities from leading manufacturers in the industry including Unico.

20 07, 2010

Used Abbott Hematology Analyzers

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Hematology analyzers are used extensively in a variety of medical applications like blood count determination and counting the number of cellular and non-cellular elements in blood. Abbott is a leading manufacturer of hematology analyzers. As purchasing a brand new laboratory equipment is a costly affair, many modern research facilities prefer to purchase used instruments. Leading suppliers of reconditioned and recertified instruments provide used Abbot Hematology Analyzers to match the manufacturer’s standards at reasonable prices.

16 07, 2010

Used Sorvall Laboratory Centrifuges

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A laboratory centrifuge refers to a piece of motor-driven laboratory equipment that spins liquid samples at high speed. Centrifuges vary according to size and the sample capacity. Sorvall is one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges. They offer a vast array of new as well as used laboratory centrifuges. Used Sorvall laboratory centrifuges are [...]

14 07, 2010

Used Chemistry Analyzers for Laboratories

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Chemistry analyzers are used in clinical laboratories to perform various tests on routine chemistry analytes such as magnesium, glucose, bilirubin, calcium, uric acid and so on. Buying brand new chemistry analyzers can prove quite expensive for laboratories with low budgets. The best solution would be for them to buy used chemistry analyzers that have been reconditioned and refurbished. The various processes involved in reconditioning ensure that the used chemistry analyzers meet the original manufacturer’s standards and specifications. Used chemistry analyzers for laboratories, once refurbished, are sold at a price much lower than the original, making them an affordable alternative to purchasing new.

9 07, 2010

Summit Commercially Approved Under-counter Freezers

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Summit Appliances is one of the leading manufacturers of energy efficient refrigerators and freezers. Summit’s under-counter freezer is integrated with state-of-the-art technology that goes to make it an extremely versatile product. Summit commercially approved under-counter freezers find great application in food service establishments, medical facilities and restaurants.

7 07, 2010

Unico 1200 Series Spectrophotometers

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As a gadget which measures the amount of ultraviolet light absorbed by a substance, the spectrophotometer is a key instrument in modern biomedical laboratories. Unico 1200 Series Spectrophotometers – Built to ensure Precise Results Unico 1200 series spectrophotometers are designed to ensure reliable and efficient operation. These sophisticated spectrophotometers facilitate absorbance, transmittance and concentration modes [...]

1 07, 2010

Summit Auto-Defrost Refrigerator-Freezers

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The Summit Auto-Defrost Refrigerator-Freezers offers an ideal option for upgrading compact or hotel refrigerators. Summit Auto-defrost refrigerator freezers are available in several versions such as Summit FF41, Summit FF41WL, Summit FF41SS and Summit 41SSTB.