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29 06, 2010

Shandon Centrifuges for Laboratory Use

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Reconditioned and re certified laboratory equipment is a popular and affordable solution to buying new. Leading companies supply both new and re-certified Shandon centrifuges. Used extensively in smear preparation tasks, Shandon centrifuges ensure that the sample analyzing tasks of laboratories are carried out quickly and accurately.Shandon centrifuges are used in diverse application areas such as hematology, cytology, histology, serology, immunochemistry, rheumatology, virology and microbiology. Shandon centrifuges have a variety of innovative features and safety measures.

24 06, 2010

Reconditioned and Recertified Laboratory Centrifuges

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Laboratory centrifuges are mainly used for the separation of plasma specimens and cellular components by generating spin-induced high G-forces. Considering the economic benefits, many modern research laboratories prefer to purchase reconditioned and recertified laboratory equipment. The companies that supply such equipment fix them to match the original manufacturer’s standards and warranty cost-effective solutions for your research facility.

22 06, 2010

Used and Refurbished Medical Equipment

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Medical laboratory equipment is rather expensive. So, many healthcare professionals consider the option of used and refurbished medical equipment when purchasing equipment for their medical institutions. Refurbished medical equipment is actually used devices, sent back to the dealer, possibly because of some defect. Such products are often serviced and sold as new at a lower price.

18 06, 2010

Used and Reconditioned Chemistry Analyzers

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Chemistry analyzers are handy products for clinical laboratory analysis in scientific and medical setting. It varies depending on the clinical requirements.

16 06, 2010

Refurbished Medical Laboratory Equipment

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Refurbished medical laboratory equipment is that equipment which is returned for some reason or the other to the manufacturer.

11 06, 2010

Buying Used Laboratory Equipment

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Buying used laboratory equipment is an economical alternative when compared to buying brand new products. Used lab equipment is a viable option for many healthcare institutions.

7 06, 2010

Refurbished Chemistry Laboratory Equipment

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Refurbished chemistry laboratory equipment is developed to the original specifications and is sold at affordable costs.

2 06, 2010

Refurbished Blood Gas Analyzers

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Refurbished blood gas analyzers are handy solutions for calculating oxygen saturation, bicarbonate concentration, etc. Refurbished blood gas analyzers function just as new ones.