Block Scientific Launches QuikScreen® Configurator to Create Customized Urine Drug Test Cups

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A leading laboratory equipment supplier based in New York, Block Scientific has launched its QuikScreen® configurator that helps customers to create customized QuikScreen drug test cups. This product configurator allows you to configure the drug cup according to your requirements, order in bulk, and save. You can choose up to a total of 17 drugs to test for, from the panel options provided. The company also offers quantity discounts.

QuikScreen drug test cups are used to detect a wide range of drugs of abuse in urine samples (including AMP, BAR, BZD, COC, OPI, OXY, THC, MET, and MDMA) and the test employed is a fast, qualitative, visually read, competitive binding immunoassay.

These point-of-care drug test cups are made in the USA, FDA-approved and CLIA waived. They have 18 – 24 month shelf life and feature built-in test control and easy-to-interpret color bands. A temperature strip and an identification label are included with each cup. No handling or manipulation is required to activate the test and the cup does the job in just 5 minutes. The drugs and drug metabolites are detected at SAMHSA cut-off levels. The testing method employs a unique mixture of antibodies to selectively identify the drugs and their metabolites in the test samples with a high degree of sensitivity.

The team at Block Scientific provides comprehensive support throughout the purchase and also offers excellent after sales service. The company offers high-quality products from top manufacturers at a great pricing. You are ensured a pleasant and rewarding overall experience when you purchase lab equipment and supplies from Block Scientific store. On offer are reagent rental plans, leasing options and reasonably priced refurbished equipment to help labs with budget constraints.