Benchmark Scientific Block, 35 x 1.5ml

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Benchmark Scientific Block, 35 x 1.5ml

Manufacturer: Benchmark Scientific
Model: Block, 35 x 1.5ml
Product Code: H5000-15

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Block Scientific is an established global supplier of laboratory equipment. Our quality heating block modules include Benchmark Scientific Block, 35 x 1.5ml. This block is meant for use with Benchmark Scientific MultiTherm Shakers (H-5000H and H-5000-HC). This shaker is a temperature controlled vortexer useful for a variety of molecular biology applications including denaturation of DNA, RNA and proteins, lipid extractions, yeast and bacteria cultivation.

High Capacity

MultiTherm Blocks


  • Capacity – 35 tubes
  • Tube size – 1.5ml
  • Includes closing lid
  • Overall dimensions: 6″ W x 6″ D x 2″ H

The MultiTherm Block is sold individually.

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