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Headquartered in Roebling, New Jersey, Benchmark Scientific is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of bench top life science and general laboratory equipment. With many years of experience in providing quality products for research, clinic or student lab applications, Benchmark Scientific has been successful in earning the trust of clients all over the country and abroad. To date, Benchmark Scientific has provided a variety of products including mixing equipment, centrifuges, dry bath incubators, autoclaves, and so on.

Benchmark Scientific Products

at Block Scientific

Block Scientific is pleased to offer a wide range of products from Benchmark Scientific including:

BioClave Mini Benchtop Research Autoclave, 120V

BioClave Mini is pre-programmed to meet basic sterilization needs. Although the temperature can be selected at either 121°C or 134°C, the sterilization time is fixed. It is the ideal choice wherever benchtop sterilization is required and space is limited. Mini Benchtop Research Autoclave, 230 is also available.

BioClave 16 Benchtop Research Autoclave, 230V

Steam sterilization of research tools and consumables is convenient and affordable with the new BioClave digital research autoclaves. With a width of less than 18 inches, BioClave 16 model will fit comfortably on even the most crowded benchtop. The 16 liter BioClave offers three preset standard cycle options for the sterilization of liquids, wrapped instruments or unwrapped instruments/plasticware. A fourth option ‘Dry Only’ is also available for additional drying time to be added to the end of a cycle. For special applications, program settings may be user modified.

MyBlock Mini Dry Bath, 100-240V (European 2 prong plug) Incubators

Benchtop control of sample temperature has never been this easy or economical. The new MyBlock Mini fits almost anywhere and can even be used “on-the-go” in cars, boats or wherever a 12 volt power source is available.

Its simple touchpad control with digital display is designed for “set and walk away” temperature selection and unrivaled accuracy. Less than 4.4 inches wide, MyBlockMini is truly the first personal block incubator.


  • Compact, fits in the palm of your hand
  • Exchangeable blocks, for tubes 0.2 to 50 ml
  • Clear cover ensures temp uniformity

Our range of Benchmark Scientific products also includes:

  • EVERLASTT247 ROCKER with non-slip rubber mat
  • MyTemp Mini Digital Incubator, with Heating 115V
  • MortexerT Vortexer, 230V
  • Optional Generator 14mm x 130mm Saw Tooth, for 50ml Tubes up to 250ml Vessels
  • StripSpinT12 Mini Centrifuge, Holds 12 Position PCR Strips, 115V
  • Strip Rotor for MyFuge Mini
  • Magnetic Stirrer, 7.5″x7.5″, 115V
  • BioClave Mini Benchtop Research Autoclave, 230V
  • MAGic ClampT Magnetic Clamp, 500ml Erlenmeyer


For further assistance, you can contact Block Scientific via phone: 1-866-203-5777 or forward an e-mail to