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Becton Dickinson, also known as (BD), is a leading global medical technology company which manufactures and sells medical devices, reagents and instrument systems. The company focuses on enhancing drug delivery, improving the quality and speed of diagnosing infectious diseases and cancers, and producing new drugs and vaccines. BD manufactures a wide range of products such as antibodies and reagents, bio defense products, cell culture products, syringes, needles and many more.


Becton Dickinson Products

at Block Scientific

At Block Scientific, we have a ready stock of Becton Dickinson products such as blood culture systems.

BD Bactec 9050 Blood Culture System

BD BACTEC 9050 System, which accommodates 50 test vials, features an extremely small footprint (only 4 ¼ square feet of tabletop needed – and no external computer required!). It is suitable for the smaller laboratory: one performing less than 150 blood cultures per month.


  • Enhanced safety
  • Continuous monitoring technology
  • Ease to operate
  • No dangerous aerosols

Other Products Offered At Block Scientific


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