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beckman coulter tj-6r

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beckman tj-6r centrifuge
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beckman tj-6r is a powerful and quiet centrifuge system for table top use. at block scientific, we carry a range of high quality new and refurbished centrifuges to satisfy all your centrifuging applications in research labs and hospitals.

beckman tj-6r

: capabilities and features

beckman tj-6r incorporates all the functionality of a beckman tj-6 centrifuge with an added capability for refrigeration. the refrigeration unit is a separate one, but its functioning is dependent on the centrifuge. the refrigeration unit acquires its power from the centrifuge.

tj-6r refrigerated centrifuge offers unsurpassed versatility and performance and is reliable and efficient. it shows a performance speed of 5700 rpm with a maximum rotor capacity of 2 liters. maximum force is 4470g. dynamic electric braking with three positions, removable rotor bowl for easy cleanup, and speed control knob are a few key features included on the beckman tj-6r.

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