Beckman Coulter J6B

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Beckman Coulter J6B

Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter
Model: J6B
Product Code: BECKMAN-J6B

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The Beckman J6B that we supply at Block Scientific is a high capacity refrigerated floor centrifuge, perfect for routine clinical applications. At Block Scientific, we have got a wide selection of both new and refurbished medical equipment from all major manufacturers.

Beckman J6B Centrifuge

: Functional Features

Beckman J6B centrifuge comes equipped with many functional features such as conventional brush motor, analog displays, and controls. The device also features the option of refrigeration. This belt driven instrument has a performance speed of 6000 rpm, and offers a maximum force of 6835g. It also includes dynamic electric braking, high torque drive system, with three significant figures digital speed readout. A high capacity JS-4.2 rotor that has six large one-liter cups and the JS-5.2 rotor that has four one-liter cups can be seamlessly accommodated to enhance performance.

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