Beckman Coulter AcT 5diff Cap Pierce (CP)

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Beckman Coulter AcT 5diff Cap Pierce (CP)

Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter
Model: AcT 5diff Cap Pierce (CP)
Product Code: BCK6605705

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Block Scientific offers a wide range of hematology analyzers for clinical laboratories of all size. We offer the advanced Beckman Coulter AcT 5diff Cap Pierce (CP) which employs Absorbance cytochemistry and Volume (AcV) technology for 5-part differential testing. This hematology analyzer offers a throughput of 60 samples-per-hour and can store data for 10,000 patients. Featuring a compact design with on-board reagents, the AcT 5diff Cap Pierce (CP) requires only minimal bench space.


Hematology Analyzer

with Unique Features

  • State-of-the-art cap piercing technology for closed-tube sampling
  • Easy programming – patient range and different modes can be easily selected from the front keyboard display
  • Specially formulated reagents, controls and calibrators ensure accuracy
  • Inter-laboratory Quality Assurance Program (IQAP) increases confidence in results
  • Zero daily maintenance saves time and labor
  • Rinse flow system
  • Multiple tube size capability
  • Random access testing for complete workflow flexibility
  • Patient storage for streamlined data recall
  • Automated quality control evaluation reduces manual errors

This analyzer helps save time while enhancing user’s safety by reducing manual handling and eliminating operator exposure to biohazards.

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