Beckman Coulter AcT 5diff Autoloader (AL)

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Beckman Coulter AcT 5diff Autoloader (AL)

Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter
Model: AcT 5diff Autoloader
Product Code: BCK179354

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Block Scientific, a global leader in lab equipment based in New York, offers a vast collection of new hematology analyzers. Our inventory features the Beckman Coulter AcT 5diff Autoloader (AL), a fully automated bench-top 5-part differential hematology analyzer with automatic sample loading.

AcT 5diff AL

– A Fully Automated 5-part Differential Hematology Analyzer

The AcT 5diff AL is designed to

  • Increase overall work efficiency with ease of operation
  • Save time by eliminating manual sample handling and manual data manipulation
  • Lower operational costs

Designed to be ideal as a frontline instrument for small- and medium-sized laboratories, this device also serves as a backup in larger laboratories. Downloadable Interlaboratory Quality Assurance Program (IQAP) data and uploadable control assay in this system reduces manual data manipulation and saves time. This integrated autoloader comes with higher testing capacity and can accommodate up to 100 sample loads. The comprehensive on-board Help database uses keyword searches to help solve problems quickly and easily. Operation is managed easily using an external computer with Windows software.

Easy to Use

  • Easy quality control file management
  • Accurate and precise CBC results
  • User-friendly software
  • Clear printed reports
  • Patient storage for streamlined data recall

Technical Specifications

  • Sample Stability: CBC 48 hr room temperature/ DIFF 24 hr room temperature
  • Operating Temperature: 16 to 34°C (61 to 93°F)
  • Accuracy: Correlation r >0.95 for WBC, RBC, PLT, HGB, HCT
  • Throughput: Up to 80 samples/hour for CBC or CBC/DIFF
  • Quality Control: AcT 5diff Control Plus (tri-level/barcoded) / AcT 5diff Cal (calibrator)

For more information about the Beckman Coulter AcT 5diff Autoloader (AL) and other new hematology analyzers we offer, call 631-589-1118 or write to Visit our online store to browse our extensive inventory of laboratory equipment.