Beckman Coulter Airfuge

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Beckman Coulter Airfuge

Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter
Model: Airfuge

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Airfuge CLS is a compact, air-driven tabletop ultracentrifuge system from Beckman. At Block Scientific, we carry a range of new and refurbished laboratory equipment from all leading manufacturers.

Airfuge CLS Centrifuge for Clinical Laboratories

Airfuge CLS from Beckman is the first choice for many clinical laboratories and medical professionals who value consistency and accuracy of the results. Beckman Airfuge — a simple and extremely rapid method of removing chylomicrons (fat particles in lipemic samples) — is perfect for providing accurate results for lipemic clarification. A special Beckman Coulter Chylomicron Rotor and liner are used usually, which can clean up the lipemic samples in 10 minutes, eliminating the need for sendouts.

This centrifuge system is extremely easy to operate and offers a quick acceleration of 30 seconds and smooth deceleration. Apart from these, there are many more features available. The equipment includes a number of rotors serving to deliver exceptional versatility and performance. A batch rotor for pelleting is also available. Using the four fixed angle rotors, a variety of tasks including binding studies, steroid hormone receptor assays, and separating lipoprotein fractions for HDL, LDL, and VLDL determinations can be performed.

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