Beckman Coulter Access II

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Beckman Coulter Access II

Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter
Model: Beckman Access II

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A US based laboratory equipment supplier, Block Scientific offers a wide range of refurbished immunoassay analyzer models. We offer the Beckman Access II Immunoassay Analyzer refurbished. This bench top analyzer provides reliable and speedy results without compromising valuable floor space. It can run up to 100 tests per hour.

Based on Chemiluminescent detection technology, the Access II offers a sample management capacity of up to 60 samples at one time in 6 trays of 10 samples each. It features STAT and automatic reflex testing options and magnetic particle separation. This simple and easy to use analyzer model can load up to 60 samples at one time with on-board refrigeration storage of up to 24 assays.

The product offers a reagent open-pack stability of up to 14 – 56 days. Beckman Access II features bar – coded reagents which allows automatic tracking of the number of tests administered, available tests, lot number, expiration date and calibration expiration.

Top Features

  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Convenient size
  • Sample probe obstruction detection
  • Reagent capacity – 24 self-sealing reagents packs of 50 tests each
  • Intuitive operator interface
  • Enhanced sample handling and innovative menu
  • Continuous menu expansion with new and novel assays
  • One-year reagent shelf life (typical)

Block Scientific offers refurbished models with:

  • 90 days warranty
  • Reagents, consumables and controls
  • Service contracts

For more information on the Beckman Coulter Access II and other models of refurbished immunoassay analyzers that we offer, visit our online store. You can call 631-589-1118 or send an email to