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Beckman Access II is offered for lease at Block Scientific. A leading lab equipment supplier in the US, Block Scientific provides all types of lab equipment, installation and lease options you need.

Beckman Access II

Beckman Coulter Access II

$460.00/Month with Installation, Training, Delivery and $5,000.00 Reagent Credit

Product Details

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Beckman Access 2 – an immunoassay analyzer based on Chemiluminescent detection technology, offers a sample management capacity of up to 60 samples at one time in 6 trays of 10 samples each. Beckman Access II features bar-coded reagents which allows automatic tracking of the number of tests administered, available tests, lot number, expiration date and calibration expiration.

We also offer reagents for use with this analyzer.

Advantages of Leasing

  • Avoid using outdated equipment
  • Benefit from the latest technology without investing huge capital
  • Help provide better patient care
  • Allows for 100% financing
  • Potential savings on taxes

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