BD BACTEC 9120 Blood Culture System

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BD BACTEC 9120 Blood Culture System

Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson
Model: 9120
Product Code: BACTEC-9120

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At Block Scientific, you can find a wide range of blood culture systems and other lab apparatus. The BACTEC 9120 blood culture system that we supply is a fully automated microbiology growth and detection system that is used to detect microbial growth from blood specimens.

To accommodate any laboratory s blood culture test volume, The BACTECT 9000 Fluorescent Series is available in connectable modules. The BACTEC 9120 System can accommodate 120 test bottles. Through a single PC module, you can network together up to 5 BD BACTEC 9120 System instruments, and up to 4 modules can be networked into 1 VISION Data Management System, allowing up to 20 instruments to be networked together.


Blood Culture System: Features

  • Continuous monitoring technology
  • Simple operation
  • Ensures exceptional performance
  • Improves workflow efficiencies
  • Easy to use

If you want more information on the BD BACTEC 9120 Blood Culture System and other models of refurbished microbiological systems we offer, please feel free to browse our online store. For clarifications, you can communicate by phone at 631-589-1118, or send an e-mail to