BD BACTEC 9050 Blood Culture System

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BD BACTEC 9050 Blood Culture System

Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson
Model: 9050
Product Code: BACTEC-9050

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Blood Culture System

for the Smaller Laboratory

The BD BACTEC 9050 System can accommodate 50 test vials. It features an extremely small footprint (only 4 ¼ square feet of tabletop needed – and no external computer required!). This model is a perfect option for the smaller laboratory, performing less than 150 blood cultures per month.

This unit offers the same technological advantages of non-invasive, continuous monitoring blood culture testing as the larger BD BACTEC 9000 systems and is supported by the same full line of BD BACTEC media. BD BACTEC 9050 operation is based on an easy-to-use icon interface and barcode scanner.

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