BBL Fibrometer

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BBL Fibrometer

Manufacturer: BBL
Model: Fibrometer

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BBL Fibrometer is a coagulation analyzer developed by BBL and offered for sale at Block Scientific. BBL is the registered trademark of BD Diagnostic Systems (Becton, Dickinson and Company). This laboratory equipment is the ideal choice for clinics and laboratory settings that need to perform a range of coagulation tests including PT and PTT.

BBL Fibrometer with Outstanding Features and Capabilities

BBL Fibrometer coagulation analyzer details outstanding features and capabilities including automatic pipette, coagulation timer, plastic tray, and thermal prep-block. The precision timer provides digital readout for most coagulation assays. You can operate the system in automatic or manual mode. It can be manually operated by pressing a timer bar and automatically with the automatic electric pipette.

Rapid and Accurate Test Results

With the use of this convenient and precise device, you can achieve rapid and accurate results within a short period of time. The efficiency in incubating reagents and test specimens can be improved at a constant 37.2 ± 0.5° C with the aid of the coagulation analyzer. The system is available with 20 warming wells for 12 x 75 mm tubes and 20 warming wells for FibroTube cups. To ease the performance of the pipette, it makes use of removable plastic trays.

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