phoenix diagnostics bayer co-ox linearity controls

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phoenix diagnostics bayer co-ox linearity controls
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as a leading supplier of lab equipment, block scientific offers a wide range of blood gas reagents, quality controls, and consumables for blood gas, electrolyte, co-oximetry and chemistry analyzers. the bayer co-ox linearity controls we supply monitor the performance of bayer diagnostics 800 series medical analyzers.

assisting clinicians in calibration verification, verification of linear change and documentation of instrumentation linearity, this linearity test set is meant exclusively for use in vitro diagnostics. sealed in ampules, this linear test set contains a formulated blend of certified dyes in five distinct levels.

bayer linearity control test

set features

  • storage: 20° c (room temperature)
  • matrix: dye
  • non-toxic colorants
  • 5 ampules per level, 2ml per ampule
  • analytes: thb, o2ct, o2sat, cohb, met

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