Bayer Clinitek Status

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Bayer Clinitek Status

Manufacturer: Siemens (Bayer)
Model: Clinitek Status

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Clinitek Status is a urine chemistry analyzer from Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics (formerly Bayer). Clinitek Status is an automated solution which works well in any clinical laboratory setting, providing accurate results for higher standards in urinalysis. This product is offered at Block Scientific as a refurbished model.

New Levels of Precision and Reliability with

Refurbished Clinitek Status

The refurbished product that we supply at Block Scientific ensures new levels of precision and reliability. The automation feature reduces the risk of errors, working with both industry-standard Multisix and special cassettes. This compact unit measures just 272 x 171 x 158mm (D x W x H) and has a memory capable of storing 200 patient names and 200 test results. Clinitek Status can be connected to a PC via its RS-232 serial port.


  • Unprecedented convenience
  • Reassuringly proven performance
  • Minimal training required and audit compliant
  • Pregnancy test capability using the new Clinitest hCG
  • Clinitek Microalbumin allows detection of kidney disease before it becomes irreversible
  • On the spot semi-quantitative results in 1 minute

We offer this refurbished product with 90 Day Parts Warranty. Along with this product, we offer

  • Reagents, controls, and consumables
  • Service contracts

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