Bayer 865 Blood Gas Analyzer

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Bayer 865 Blood Gas Analyzer

Manufacturer: Bayer Diagnostics (Siemens)
Model: 865
Product Code: BAYER-865

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Siemens Bayer 865

Bayer 865 blood gas analyzer, developed by Bayer (a part of Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics), is suitable to measure blood gases, metabolites, and electrolytes. Other components including various hemoglobin derivatives and ionized calcium can also be measured on this instrument.

With the use of this Siemens Bayer 865 analyzer, it is possible to obtain calculated parameters such as standard or actual bicarbonate (HCO3), estimated oxygen content (O2 CT), base excess in vivo or in vitro (BEvv or BEvt), base excess of blood [BE(B)] and of extracellular fluid [BE(ecf)], temperature corrected arterial-alveolar oxygen tension ratio, temperature corrected pH, pCO2, and O2, temperature corrected alveolar-arterial oxygen tension difference, temperature corrected respiratory index, and more.

Features and Capabilities

The Bayer 865 also possesses many features and capabilities similar to that of the Bayer 860 analyzer such as automatic calibration at intervals you choose, patient reference ranges, QC ranges, customized printing options, quality control tracking, advanced on-board data management, waste system designed for bio-safety, automatic, reagent-path cleaning cycle, on-board roll printer with paper take-up spool, archive and backup capabilities, and more. Moreover, the analyzer can store around 1500 patient sample reports.

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