Bayer 248 Blood Gas Analyzer

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Bayer 248 Blood Gas Analyzer

Manufacturer: Bayer Diagnostics (Siemens)
Model: 248
Product Code: BAYER-248

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As one of the leading refurbished lab equipment providers, Block Scientific carries the very best in laboratory equipment and that too from the renowned global brands. Bayer 248 is the blood gas analyzer of choice for practitioners who demand fast performance and minimum operator involvement. The manufacturer of this analyzer is Bayer (now a division of Siemens).

Simple and Easy to Use

Siemens Bayer 248 Analyzer

The Bayer 248 is simple and easy to use and requires very low maintenance. You can obtain fast, accurate results, maximum uptime, efficiency, and reliability with the Bayer 248. The analyzer is used for the determination of pH, pCO2, and pO2.

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To purchase the Bayer 248 blood gas analyzer, contact Block Scientific at 631-589-1118 or email at On our online store, you can find a full list of other blood gas analyzers we carry and their specifications in detail.