Benchmark Scientific BactiZapper Infrared MicroSterilizer, 230V

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Benchmark Scientific BactiZapper Infrared MicroSterilizer, 230V

Manufacturer: Benchmark Scientific
Model: BactiZapper Infrared MicroSterilizer, 230V
Product Code: B1000-E

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Need BactiZapper™ Infrared MicroSterilizer, 230V? Then Block Scientific is the ideal source you can trust. The BactiZapper™ is designed for “on the bench” sterilization of research microbiology tools. As industry leaders, Block Scientific offers a wide range of sterilizers from leading manufacturer. BactiZapper™ Infrared MicroSterilizer, 230V that we supply is from leading manufacturer Benchmark Scientific.

BactiZapper Infrared MicroSterilizer

– Compact, Convenient Choice for Labs

BactiZapper™ Infrared MicroSterilizer, 230V is extremely compact, convenient choice, which can sterilize microorganisms in 5-7 seconds. To provide instant sterilization of platinum inoculating loops, needles, glass tube/pipette mouths and various metal & borosilicate glass instrument, it uses advanced technology.

The ceramic heating element is safely enclosed in a perforated stainless steel guard chamber, protecting users from accidental contact with the extreme temperatures of the core area. It can be used in anaerobic and aerobic chambers.

The BactiZapper™ features asbestos-free core element that uses infrared heating to produce 815°C (1500°F).

  • Ideal for platinum loops, needles and tube mouths
  • Complete infrared sterilization in 5-7 sec
  • Safe, convenient and no spatter

Technical Specifications

  • Max Temp : 815°C/ 1500°F
  • Sterilization Time : 5-7 Seconds
  • Chamber Diameter : 0.55 in./ 14 mm
  • Chamber Length : 3.94 in./ 100 mm
  • Electrical Data : 230V, 50/60Hz


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